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Ntrecycling built on trust, integrity, strong family and business values. In 2008, we established our license for electronics recycling and evolved in electronic recycling business. We are a privately owned small business and currently have two locations in: Beltsville, MD and in Arlington, VA.

In today’s world, there is so much toxic waste being dumped into landfill that it may seem that there wasn’t an approach to end this environmental hazard or smart way to rid away with your no longer used electronics. However, there is actually one safe and less toxic solution to this problem. NTRecycling offers clients a way to get rid of hazardous materials in a way that is convenient and easily accessible, without posing a negative threat to the environment.

This is made possible with our new “green” mission, which allows companies to constructively recycle electronic devices that would otherwise sit in a landfill, further polluting our atmosphere. We’ve approached this world problem by recycling a few recognizable cordless materials. Here is a small list of the gadgets that we recycle:

Computers and Monitors • Batteries • Wires/Adapters • Cell phones, media players, etc. • and more

NtRecycling strongly believes in providing citizens with a way of recycling these items the right way. We offer a variety of other solutions that can enable you to run your business or personal life without worrying about the damage it creates once you’re through with the electronics you once used. We specialize in providing end-of-life services for the disposal and resale of computers and other electronics. Here are some of the solutions that we offer:

Electronic recycling • Asset management • Hard drive shreddingData destruction

“Greening” your business is easy with us. Our company can help you save money, save the environment and enhance your company’s image. Advertising your environmental friendliness will help to differentiate yourself from the competitors, bringing in more leads who appreciate your philosophy. If you have a home or corporate office that needs these services, then don’t hesitate to get in touch with us for a consultation. Give us a call today for a free estimate!

Our Locations:
Maryland Location:
10752-A Tucker Street Beltsville, MD 20705