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At this time, there are twenty- six states that have regulations on governing w- waste. This number continues to grow equally as the nation’s technologically addicted society. However, these programs do not have appropriate customer buy- in or follow up from the corresponding company to enforce regulated requirements. As stated by Global Information Society Watch in the ICT and Environmentally Sustainability Report, “The ICT industry and Sustainability Report,” The ICT industry is expected to generate 53 million tons of e- waste by 2012. Managing e- waste has become a growing concern in hopes that we can continue recycling and disposing to keep out the hazardous chemicals that effect our environment.

There are conflicting views about what is happening to e- waste. According to the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries report Inside the U.S. Recycling Industry, “70% of the e- waste collected by weight is processed in the United States and sold at home or in the global marketplace as commodity grade scrap, such as steel, aluminum, copper, precious metals recovered from circuit boards, glass and plastics. Ten percent is resold as functioning equipment and components for direct resale and less than 18% is resold as equipment and components for further repair and refurbishment.

The real bottom line is that OEMS’s and retailers are considered responsible for the problem of e- waste and need to take action or increase action to be environmentally supportive while gaining consumer involvement, OEMS’s and retailers must find solutions to decrease e-waste and optimize their spend on time, money and manpower regarding e- waste responsibly.

However, at NT Recycling we do aspire to manage all incoming e- waste to be able to use those valuable parts off of end- of- life electronics that we receive. Please support us in reaching and exceeding the nation’s “GREEN” mission by dropping off or scheduling a pick up to come take your e-waste off of your hands for you. We are always happy to assist in recycling or disposing your discarded electronics!

Written by Caleb