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At NTRecycling we are a Zero-Waste-to-Landfill company. Zero-waste is a philosophy that encourages that all products are reused and no trash is sent to Landfills or incinerators. Instead of just tossing out your old cellphone there are other options and better things that old phone could be used for. Some devices can be refurbished and reused for resale. The devices or parts that can’t be salvaged can just be recycled and disposed of properly instead of just being thrown out to sit in a landfill.

Most products can and should be recycled and reused; recycling recovers materials from your old devices that can be used for new devices. This saves energy, reduces pollution/greenhouse gas emissions and saves resources by reducing the need to extract raw materials from the earth. You also help others with these processes, you help your community when you donate your old working or refurbished devices to someone who would put it to use. One person’s trash is another person’s treasure.

We also need to understand with recycling we could simply use less, along with conserving the natural resources. Most of the time E-waste has valuable, recoverable materials inside like; aluminum, copper, gold, silver, plastic and metals. To conserve these natural resources the electronic devices can be refurbished, reused or recycled instead of just being thrown in a landfill, resources like these wouldn’t normally just be tossed in the trash so why leave it in a landfill just because it’s in a phone?

By recycling we reuse possible resources we already had at our disposal so that there is no need to create more; it doesn’t make sense to create new “future” waste that will just keep the pollution cycle going. Recycling has an effect on the entire world; if everyone started recycling there would be fewer pollutants to worry about. Having a company you can rely on for your electronic recycling is vital. At NTRecycling we are licensed by PG County, MD to recycle your electronics, meaning when you come to us you can trust that all the electronic waste you bring us is recycled and reused in a positive way.

You have a variety of positive safe electronic waste management options to choose from. If your electronic is no longer of any use to you, you could donate it to someone who still has use for it. You can repair or refurbish devices or components. Recycle materials or components that cannot be repaired. Very last, if something is not able to be salvaged you can go to a company you trust like NTRecycling, where we can responsibly dispose of your waste. NTRecycling can help you with all your safe zero-waste-to-landfill options.

Written by Caleb