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Cables recycling programs are extremely important to helping the environment and preserving our Earth. But, unfortunately most people are not aware of that cables and cords can be recycled. People can recycle cables and cords when they are not being used anymore. Recycling these items can make a big difference because everyone has them in their homes and we could save a lot of unnecessary waste that is dumped into the planet by recycling cables and cords.

Cable recycling process is basic. First, the different types of cables such as copper, lead and aluminum covered cables are collected by our company NTRecycling. Then, all the collected cables will be stripped by our special machinery. Most cable that is collected and recycled can actually have a 99% usage rate after recycled and only sending a small 1% to the landfills.

Almost 40% of the world’s requirements of copper are met by recycling. NTRecycling is pleased to offer recycling services for cables and cords. For additional information about e-recycling please visit our website, send us email via info@, or give us a call at (301) 937-0393.

Written by Caleb