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Have a closet filled with old monitors, cell phones and other electronic devices that you no longer use? Since the passing of the e-waste legislation, most states are required to recycle electronics instead of throw them away. If you are interested in working with NT Recycling to get rid of your e-waste, you’ll be happy to know that you can recycle any type of electronic device that you have, including:

Obsolete computer equipment for recycling, isolated on white.

Obsolete computer equipment for recycling, isolated on white.


  • Televisions
  • Monitors
  • Desktop computers and laptops
  • Hard drives
  • DVD players
  • Cameras and camcorders
  • Microwaves
  • Medical equipment

The list goes on and on. If you no longer use an electronic or it is broken, it can be recycled at NT Recycling. By recycling your electronics, you are helping to reduce the amount of emissions that are being released into the atmosphere, compared to e-waste sitting in landfills. At NT Recycling, your recycled electronic waste will not be exported across seas. If you are worried about your personal data on hard drives, you don’t have to. NT Recycling has data eradications methods that can be used to wipe hard drives clean. This can be done by destroying the hard drive or doing a sweep of its contents. With the latter, the hard drive will still be intact and useable.

Safely getting rid of your old electronics without health and environmental risks is something that NT Recycling prides itself in. You can even schedule to have electronic waste picked up to be transported back to the warehouse for recycling and redistribution. Some of the electronics you recycle will be melted down, while others will be stripped for parts to be used for refurbishing products.

Electronics recycling is a great option for anyone who has a home or business filled with old printers, radios or other electronic devices. Some states require residents to recycle their old electronics, so it is prohibited to throw away e-waste in the regular garbage. It’s important that you recycle your electronics with a company that follows regulations from the National Security Agency. NT Recycling guarantees that your data will not leave the warehouse, everything will be eradicated beforehand. There are some recyclers out there that don’t guarantee the safety of your data or the environment, so be careful of who you decide to recycle with.

To learn more about recycling your electronic waste, give NT Recycling a call.

Written by Caleb