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Leaders in e-Waste Management meet to Define Best Practices for Electronics Recycling and Reuse.

With the continued expansion of information and higher consumer demand for the latest cutting- edge technology, the need to recycle is becoming more critical both nationally and internationally. More companies and businesses are coming to grips about the importance of managing the masses of the equipment now being discarded or recycled, and to minimize environmentally hazardous disposal processes.

Electronic retailers are helping to define best practices for internalizing the e-Waste value system via take-back programs. In a recent interview, Douglas Smith of Sony USA noted, “There are times when a fundamental shift is needed, and those that innovate to meet the new challenges will reap the rewards.” Smith also elaborates more and goes on to describe how Sony believes sustainability can control costs and improve competitiveness now and in the future.

In essence, recycle and reuse will be the new way to rid away all outdated materials for the today and tomorrow generation. When will you join and become part of the loop?

Written by Caleb