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E- Waste is growing rapidly and is one of the fastest growing streams in the world. The need to have the latest gadgets helps growing businesses and established businesses to create a pickup/ drop off system to make recycling end- of- life electronics easier. Not only is this system easier, it is safer for our socio- economic and public health.

The United States is the largest e-waste producer in the world, which it is estimated that over 100 million computers, monitors and televisions become obsolete every year and that amount is continuously growing. Each year there are over 130 million mobile phones in the United States and over 105 million mobile phones in Europe that are thrown away.

E-waste has become a serious social problem and an environmental threat in many countries. The United Nations estimates that collectively the world currently generates 20 to 50 million tonnes of e- waste every year. Managing e- waste in these countries is not easy: most lack a well established system for separation, storage, transportation, treatment and disposal of waste nor any effective enforcement related to managing e-waste.

The price for precious metals has increased, similarly, with the high rate of unemployment since the Great Recession— this has lead to larger number of amateur “for profit” electronics recyclers. Computer, CRT television monitors, laptops, and many other electronics are stripped of their most valuable components and sold for scrap. Metals like copper, aluminum, gold, and palladium are recovered from these items for reuse. By reusing these items that are present in bulk computers or other electronics reduce the costs of constructing other systems. There are also a number of organizations that attempt to reuse computers. They usually refurbish usable computers for sale at cheaper prices to schools, needy people, other non- profit organizations, and the general public.

As consumers we need to construct solutions to reduce amount of daily e-waste we receive. Good examples of this include lead- free soldering, the development of halogen- free brominated flame retardants in electronics manufacture, and to encourage everyone to drop off their outdated e- waste to their local electronic recycling companies. Here at NT Recycling, we will dispose of your e- waste properly. Visit us at your nearest location to you to find out the how our services may be beneficial to you.

Written by Caleb