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Copper is a metal widely used in electrical goods and services. For nearly 5000 years, copper was the only metal known to people. Today, it is one of the most used and reused of metals. Instead of throwing away thousands of pounds of recycled copper, you can help the environment conserving resources and energy.

There are several advantages of recycling copper such as protecting environment, saving energy, and it is also much cheaper. Recycling copper protects environment because mining and processing copper generates a lot of dusts. Particulates and waste gases are produced, that possess a direct threat to the environment. Copper recycling limits the production and emission of these harmful gases.

Recycling copper also helps saving energy because producing new copper uses more energy than recycling used copper. The amount of energy used to extract copper from the ore 100 GJ (gigajoule) per ton. Copper recycling in this respect leads to the preservation of valuable resources like gas, oil, coal etc.

Another advantage of recycling copper is that it costs manufacturers less to produce products made with recycled copper than it does to produce products with new copper. It takes away the cost of heavy machinery purchase or lease; also, it takes away the cost of transporting raw mined copper to processing plants. Lower costs mean manufacturers can count on higher margins.

Copper is an incredible resource and copper recycling is a worthy process that ensures building a healthy and cleaner environment to live in. To learn more about copper recycling please visit our website, send us email via info@, or give us a call at (301) 937-0393.

Written by Caleb