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Staples and HP are implementing a free e-waste recycling program. Their program was mentioned to be a great answer that local businesses and communities have been seeking to address the challenge of recycling. There is 80 percent of Americans’ annual e- waste that isn’t recycled representing approximately 300 electric devices being carelessly dumped into landfills.

It’s Easy and Free
This program is pretty easy to use. You can bring up to six devices if you brought the digital services from Staples or whether they were made by HP. Then, you take those devices to a service desk associate. The service desk associate will give you a receipt listing what you have recycled. It’s that easy and free. The digital items included in this program cover most office digital inventory with items such as computers, mobile phones, monitors, monitors, shredders, keyboards and mp3 players. No refrigerators, stoves or similar appliances.

E- Waste Recycling Process
The actual recycling is handled by Electronic Recycler’s International, Inc (ERI). They are certified e –Stewards and meet the EPA’s R2 standards. One benefit ERI brings to the process is their close range to Staples’ four regional logistics where the e-waste is transported for remanufacturing. By choosing these “share” vendors, Staples and HP’s sustainability implementation leadership is designing a locally- focused, resourceful process that reduces the environmental footprint for annually moving millions of pounds of e- waste.

Data Security
Security of business and personal data is always a primary concern in recycling computers and smart phones. Staples and HP suggest a few actions customers can take to ensure that their data is completely wiped away. One measure to take is to wipe your data yourself. There are a number of free software solutions available to do so. Another safe recommendation is to bring your hard drives to your local electronics recycling company like us here at NT Recycling in Beltsville, MD or Arlington, VA. Here, we offer services such as: Asset Management, Data Destruction, Hard Driving Shredding, Electronics Recycling and more. Once your hard drives are in our possession, we automatically wipe away all data for FREE. We do, however, charge a fee to shred per hard drive. Visit our website: and call us at our two locations to get a quote! And for those business owners who are still not sure Staples has an in- store “Easy Tech,” there are service desk associates who can answer any questions regarding their program.

Written by Caleb