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NTRecycling is a full service computer and electronics recycling company. Computer recycling refers to reusing of recycling computers. Computers are made with some valuable metals, including copper and gold, which can be sold and then reused in alternative capacities. There are a lot of benefits of recycling old computers such as decreasing landfill space, creating less harmful chemical emissions, leading to conservation of energy in the manufacturing plants.

Computer recycling is done with basic steps. First of all, computer recycling begins with a dissection of the collected computer. These parts must be distinguished from non-renewable resources and potentially toxic leftovers. Iron, gold, and other precious metals are collected for re-use. Remaining lead, mercury, and arsenic are disposed of safely. This process saves landfills from computer parts that could contaminate groundwater.

Second, useful and non-renewable parts have been harvested; the different components are sorted out and stored in the temporary bins. In this process, the electronic equipment will be de-manufactured and separated into metals, plastics, and glass.

Last of all, after de-manufacturing the electronics, all of the components and materials that remain will be processed and sent back into the recycling stream to be used in making new products. On the other hand, working recycled computers skip the shredding process and become a refurbished machine. After cosmetic repairs and a memory wipe, the computers are ready to be used again.

According to EPA, recycling one computer and one monitor is the equivalent to preventing 1.35 metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions from being released. By recycling your old computer, you can help us save valuable natural resources.

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Written by Caleb