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We’ve made it past 2015 and entered 2016. It was estimated that E-waste would reach of global volume of 73 million Metric Tons by 2015 and then finally begin to decline in the years following as recycling practices catch up to the rate of electronic goods production. Hopefully this will be the case. E-waste has been on the steady rise but we are in the beginning days of the New Year. A fresh positive start is possible! E-waste has long been an issue not only in the United States but in the world period.  It doesn’t just affect your environment but also your health and security.  Most people don’t pay much mind to it because its not widely spoken about like recycling paper or plastic. We don’t give it as much care as we do everything else. The truth is it’s of the same importance if not more but it requires more effort so we choose to ignore the issue.

Paper and plastic are two of the most recycled item. The main reason we recycle these is to reduce our waste in Landfills and conserve energy. This is possible by through E-cycling also! Even more in fact because a lot of electronics contain precious materials that can and should be reused if possible. Also, Electronic waste sitting in out Landfills is very harmful to everything and everyone. Paper and plastic don’t cause as much as harm as electronics can. Plastic may be at fault for causing a lot of harm to wild life mainly fish and sea animals, however, electronics may end up harming our earth as well as everything and everyone on it if it is eventually  all left to sit in dump our sites. There are sometimes major heavy metals in electronics. Not only is throwing these away a waste because they can be reused, but it is also dangerous to have those metals and chemicals lying around. We must not show major importance to one issue and turn a blind eye to another just as important.

Electronic waste in reality is dangerous. Electronics contain a number of toxic substances that they actually require to function.  Though they are necessary for the device when these items are thrown in the trash, dumps, or landfills these substance may be released and cause great harm in terms of health and environment.  The good news is that over the past few years there has been a bit more talk about E-waste.  You can actually look up information now and be a bit more knowledgeable on the subject. Electronic companies have taken more responsibilities and more awareness has been raised on the subject. In past years there wasn’t much information or care about E-waste. With each passing year more knowledge on a subject is gained and hopefully, as past predictions have said, 2016 is the year the issue of E-waste is brought to light.

Electronic Waste

Written by Bruce Gunacti