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Earth day is a holiday dedicated to honoring and protecting the environment on April 22. It is founded by Gaylord Nelson, United States Senator, in 1970, and Earth Day was created to inspire awareness and appreciation for our planet’s environment.

According to a study released just before Earth Day, Americans throw away 400 million units of electronics each year and they are on track to toss another 50 billion over the next decade. 43rd Earth Day is coming up and it is a great opportunity to start recycling your old electronics. NTRecycling can help responsible businesses and consumers who want to recycle their outdated computers, laptops, monitors, TVs, wires, cables, etc.

According to EPA, there are numerous environmental and societal benefits to reusing or recycling used electronics such as diverting materials from disposal, providing social benefits, conserving natural resources and reducing pollution. Electronics reuse and recycling divert bulky equipment from landfills. It provides social benefits because reuse and donation of electronics extends their useful life and affords individuals or organizations that could not buy new equipment the opportunity to make use of secondhand equipment. Another benefit of recycling is that it reduces pollution. Products redesigned to reduce materials and use greater recycled content use fewer virgin resources and require less energy to produce. When less virgin materials and energy is used, pollution is reduced. These energy savings also translate into reduced greenhouse gas emissions. When reusing is not an option, recycling electronics creates a supply of parts and materials that can be used to refurbished older products or manufacture new ones.

Electronics recycling is very important for our Earth. On this 43rd Earth Day, NTRecycling is offering free electronics recycling services. For additional information about e-recycling please visit our website, send us email via info@, or give us a call at (301) 937-0393.

Written by Caleb