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Computers have become the new library, post office, tutor, bank, newspaper, employment agency, medical advisor and matchmaker. They are an integral part of life and basis for learning, networking, connecting to social services and career building.

Recycling of electronic waste may now become an organized business activity in India. The government has proposed legislation for recycling of e-waste which would make it a responsibility of a body separate from either the producer or the consumer. Any third party may engage itself in legitimate e- waste recycling.

“The legislation seeks making recycling of e- waste an organized business in India,” a government official said. The draft is in its final stage of completion and if notified, the set of rules may be called the WEEE (waste electronic and electronic equipment) rules. The draft gives authority of handling; managing and recycling WEEE to the body which could either is a company or NGO. It will be the responsibility of the occupier (body) to maintain records of all the WEEE in its premises.

It will also be a responsibility for setting the recycling unit with the due approval from the ministry of environment and forests or the Central Pollution Control Board. In addition, it will require an ESM (Environmentally- Sound Management) certificate. The certificate will be given on grounds of appropriate facilities, technical equipment to handle WEEE safely. Thus far, there is no policy or legislation for recycling e- waste in India. Metal extraction of electronic waste is treated like an industrial process for which the factory act and environmental clearances come into play. Electronic waste is treated like hazardous waste and hence comes under the Hazardous Wastes (Management and Handling) Rules, 1989, which has no specific regulalations for collection and ensuring that the waste goes to the authorized unit.

E-cycling is growing rapidly in different countries. However, some countries that do participate in this system do not have the proper regulations, in turn puts the pressure on producers to recycle responsibility. Society is now making having the most updated technology a necessity. When people choose to e-cycle they are saving our environment, the economy, and creating a healthier space at their homes or in the office. So, come and drop off your old electronics with us here at NT Recycling.

Written by Caleb