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We always hear about people recycling paper, plastic and metals, but there’s plenty of other recyclable trash that heads to the dump on a daily basis. In the technology age we live in today, we find that there are many people throwing away old electronics as though they are trash. This includes televisions, computers, radios, DVD players, cell phones and the components to these parts, such as batteries and plugs. In reality, these are all items that can be refurbished and resold to the public. These have no business being in the landfills taking up space. They’re not biodegradable, so these electronic devices will be sitting in the landfill for many decades.


Likely, you and everyone you know own electronic devices and have thrown certain items away once done with them. electronicsrecyclingresponsibilityIt’s time that the world takes responsibility for what they throw away, especially when the item isn’t “trash”. All electronic devices can be used for parts to create something new. So if you have a broken computer, radio or cell phone, it can be stripped apart and used for another electronic device. Or it can be rebuilt using different parts.

Instead of trashing your electronics, you can instead look for a local electronics recycling company that will take your items and get rid of them the proper way. Not only will this lessen your carbon footprint on the world, it will allow others to receive cheaper products, since refurbished electronics sell lower. This could be your way of giving back to the community. Some folks opt to turn in working electronics to the Salvation Army, but in the event that your device is broken, it can be recycled at an electronic recycling warehouse. Most cities have one and will even offer services to come and remove the items from your home.

To help with this matter that we’re all facing (electronic pollution), we should try to be more conscious of what we purchase and throw away. The manufacturers, designers and sellers of electronic devices are just as responsible for electronic pollution as the consumers who trash them. It would be great if these manufacturers would create higher quality, long-living products that are environmentally friendly, especially since most consumers don’t take the time to recycle electronics properly. Some places charge a fee for recycling electronics, which turns a lot of consumers off. So instead, they throw them away in the trash or store them away in a closet.

The next time you have a broken or unwanted electronic, opt to have it recycled and reused. You’ll be saving the planet one device at a time.

Written by Caleb