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Mercury is a chemical element; it has an atomic number of 80. It is found in many Items such as thermometers, fluorescent lamps, even some of our everyday devices such as TV’s. With that said, mercury is also extremely toxic and a potent neurotoxin. This means it can hurt us; cause developmental disorders, and affect our liver, kidneys, central and cardiovascular system.

When you throw away something that contains mercury and it ends up in a landfill, you do yourself and others great harm. The mercury in these materials can then evaporate into our air and seep into our soil. Mercury has been a well-known pollutant for some time now. When fish and other wildlife become directly affected by mercury through our faults, it has been shown that health concerns for us arise. Mercury is especially dangerous for fetuses and young children. It could impair neurological development; affect thinking, memory, attention, and language, also fine motor and visual spatial skills.

Mercury can affect us as methylmercury, which could come from eating fish that have been affected by the mercury, or by vaporous mercury, which come from sources emitted in the air. Methylmercury is the most dangerous of the both. It has been known to affect the central nervous system and cause potential irreversible damage to the brain. While both forms are toxic, the toll it could take on our nervous system is most concerning.

At places like NTRecycling we can make sure your devices won’t be contributing to the pollution in those landfills and the harm it could cause. When you bring us your old devices with we ensure it will be properly handled and disposed of if they contain mercury. When you recycle you are doing your part in protecting the planet and its inhabitants. The earth has enough pollutants these days, recycling with us could leave one less pollutant out there.

Written by Caleb